“Delicious New Cookie Helps
Golfers Achieve Less Belly Fat and
More Birdies!”

Peter Kessler as seen on  HBO Sports, Revolution Golf, Sports Illustrated, Golf Channel

Who is Peter Kessler
And Why Do They Call Him
“The Voice of Golf”?

Peter Kessler

Known as “The Voice of Golf,” Peter Kessler was also the Voice of HBO Sports and has narrated Emmy award-winning documentaries. As the primary talent at The Golf Channel for eight years, he wrote, hosted and produced over 1,300 hours of live television, interviewing every great player and teacher of the 20th century. Peter also wrote highly acclaimed long-form interviews for GOLF Magazine and he currently has the #1 golf podcast on Apples’ iTunes.

For the past six years, Kessler has hosted and produced a golf talk show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s PGA Tour Network. Peter is also the host of Golf Stories on The 101 Network which debuted on DIRECTV in September 2010.

Dear Friend,

Hi. I’m Peter Kessler. You may know me from the Golf Channel®, Sirius XM®,® and HBO Sports®.

If you’ve been searching for a delicious and convenient snack to eat during a round that will give you the mental focus and stamina that you need to play better golf…

AND if you’re interested in discovering a SIMPLE way to lose that unwanted beer belly that keeps getting bigger and bigger with each passing year… then this special announcement is going to be music to your ears…

You see, two things are for certain as we all get older…

  1. We shouldn’t be eating junk food like hot dogs and chips because these foods hurt our heart. We need to eat better, but no one wants to eat rabbit food all day long…
  2. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to keep the belly fat away. In fact, most of us guys over 40 have replaced that lean stomach of the past with a noticeable beer belly that throws off our swing mechanics and kills our energy and stamina.

Not good. That’s why I want to introduce you to my new, #1 golf snack that will not only help you reach more birdies, but it will also help to remove that pesky belly fat once and for all!

Golf Fuel Performance Cookies Golf Fuel Performance Cookies

Introducing The Golf Fuel
Performance Cookies™

Let me be the first to introduce you to the BRAND NEW and GREAT TASTING Golf Fuel Performance CookiesTM. And they come in two delicious flavors, Chewy Chocolate Chip and Frosted Oatmeal Raisin.

The world’s most perfect golf performance snack!

Golf Fuel Performance CookiesTM taste exactly like a cookie should. In fact, you might mistake these moist and chewy cookies for the same warm, fresh-baked cookies your mother used to pull out of the oven. 

(Remember how good the house smelled when Mom baked cookies?)

And, you won’t believe the nutrition packed into each cookie. I’m talking about…

What Is Golf Fuel?

Golf Fuel is a leading-edge sports nutrition supplement company focused on helping re-engineer and fuel golfers! Whether you’re an elite athlete or an occasional golfer, our goal is to help you discover just how much more you can do.

Golfer swinging

How much further you can drive, more accurately you can putt, and more strokes you can shave off your game, and ultimately keep your mental focus and energy level at full engagement!

We’re a team of scientists, researchers and all-around fitness fanatics passionate about getting the most out of the human body.

Golf Fuel, LLC. was founded in Austin, TX and all of our scientifically designed products are made in the U.S.A. under close quality inspection from our board of scientists.

12 Grams of Time-Released Protein—That’s 12,000 mg of Brain-Boosting Amino Acids!

That’s right, each cookie contains 12 grams of the highest quality protein—that’s 12,000 mg of amino acids to boost your mental focus!  By the way, 12 grams of protein is more than you’re going to find in a glass of milk, in a handful of fattening trail mix, or even two medium-sized eggs. These cookies are really packed with protein!

Furthermore, each cookie is individually wrapped so it’s easy to throw a few into your bag to snack on during a round. No more soggy sandwiches or melted candy bars.

They Taste So Delicious Just Like Mom's Oven-Fresh Cookies

I LOVE the taste of these cookies and won’t play a round of golf without eating one or two.

In fact, I’ve even lost 5 pounds around my stomach over the past few weeks by replacing the fattening junk foods I was eating at home, and during a round, with these delicious, healthy cookies.

What’s more, they aren’t just for golf: you can eat them any time of the day or night as a healthy snack. Heck, you can even enjoy cookies for breakfast and not feel guilty. I always have a big supply on hand.

Mark Johnson

“I really enjoy the Golf Fuel Performance Cookies. In the past, I always would just grab a hot dog and candy bar at the turn. Shortly after I would feel extremely sluggish and my mind would drift off course. Plus I was gaining weight around my middle. But now when I eat my Performance cookie, it satisfies my hungry and keeps me moving. I have to admit that I maintain focus better than ever during my entire round. Thanks for the great product!” – Mark Johnson

And you will be glad to know that the premium nutrition found in Golf Fuel Performance Cookies™ doesn't sacrifice taste one bit. You see, Golf Fuel Performance Cookies™ taste exactly like a cookie should. 

Even kids love them. In fact, I suggest you find a good place to “hide” your cookies because they are a healthy and nutritious snack the entire family will love. (A great alternative to junk food and fast food for kids.)

But it gets even better because today you can be one of the first golfers in the world (besides our initial taste-testing group) to try these delicious high-performance cookies before almost anyone else, as they are not sold in stores and are just being released online at a special price…  

Dee Reiling

“I love to golf and I love to bake and your cookie combines the best of both worlds. Finally I have a 100% all natural choice the is simple enough to throw in my golf bag and I look forward to eating it. Your ingredients are amazing and the taste is as good as something I would pull out of my own oven” – Dee Reiling

New Customer Introductory Special…

One Box = $19.95

For a very limited time, they have some great introductory offers …

  1. You can try one or two, 12-count box of these cookies for just $19.95 per box—that’s just $1.67 per cookie.
  2. One Box = $19.95Or, for the absolute BEST deal, pick up 3 boxes and they’ll give you the 4th box FREE – you save $19.95. That’s just $1.25 per cookie. Try getting a hot dog or even a bottle of water at the clubhouse for that price.

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Why should you pick up a FREE bonus box today? There are actually three reasons:

  1. It’s Affordable: At $1.25 per cookie, Golf Fuel wants everyone to be able to experience the thrilling taste of the best-tasting Performance cookies ever created.
  2. Golf Fuel is Strategic: They figure if they give you a flat out GREAT DEAL on these cookies today then you’ll love them so much, you’ll want to come back later for more.
  3. Limited Time Offer: There is a very REAL limit to how many of these introductory packages can be released before the price increases.

But rest assured even your small investment is completely protected with Golf Fuel’s guarantee.

1 Year, 100% No-Risk, Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

You Must Be Thrilled and Amazed By
The Delicious Taste of These Cookies
Or They’re FREE!

Now, as you can probably tell, Golf Fuel does things a LOT differently than the majority of companies…

You see, instead of their wallets, their number one priority is you, your results, and making sure you are taken great care of, which is why I want to take a moment to explain their guarantee to you:

Golf Fuel GUARANTEES that these are the healthiest cookies available … and … that you will absolutely LOVE the taste. At the same time, as a first-time customer, you have yet to experience the taste and high-quality for yourself and we understand that you may still be a little skeptical. 

Fact is, you work hard for every penny you earn and you deserve to know your purchase is fully protected—and it is—by our industry-best 1-Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Simply put, that means you can try these cookies today, and if at any point over the next 365 days you feel they’re not right for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can get a prompt, courteous, unconditional refund of even empty boxes by contacting our customer support at 1-800-480-5246 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST, or by emailing support [at], or by using the quick contact form on our website.  And, don't worry about writing that down now; our contact information will be on your receipt and we're very easy to get ahold of.

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WARNING: Reserve Your Cookies NOW Before The Price Increases…

You already know Golf Fuel Performance Cookies™ are the solution to bulging beer bellies affecting golfers everywhere …

And you know they are, literally, the best tasting golf snack available …

You’ve seen proof-positive they taste absolutely AMAZING …

You know you’re getting the absolute best possible deal today when you buy 3 boxes and get the 4th box FREE…

Finally, you don’t risk one hard-earned penny, because you’re protected by Golf Fuel’s 1 year, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee …

That means with this offer you simply can’t lose!

It's also important to know that you cannot buy Golf Fuel Performance Cookies™ cheaper at any other web site and they are not sold in stores. The lowest price is guaranteed because they’re eliminating all the middlemen and shipping direct to you straight from their state-of-the-art bakery.

As you can clearly see, as with all Golf Fuel’s products, they didn't cut any corners when it came to creating the highest-quality – and best-tasting – Performance cookies anywhere, and that's what you can expect from Golf Fuel with each and every product.

Here's Exactly What To Do Now:

For fastest service, simply click the yellow "Add to Cart" button. When you do, you will be taken to a 256-bit secure order page where your order information is 100% safe and secure because they utilize the same online security system as trusted companies like

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Steve Rovane

“These Performance cookies are unreal! I stash them in my car, my desk and in my golf bag. They are my go to snack. I love that fact they are Gluten Free, 100% all-natural and packed with nutrition!” – Steve Rovane

Eat cookies … play better golf. It’s that simple.

So make it a great day.  Click the Add to Cart button now to secure your discounted purchase of Golf Fuel Performance Cookies™.

To your taste buds!

Peter Kessler

Peter Kessler Signature

P.S. Don’t forget that you get a FREE box with the “buy 3, get the 4th box” special.

P.P.S: Remember, Golf Fuel also offers a ONE-YEAR Satisfaction Guarantee (making this a no-brainer). If you don’t love the taste of these delicious cookies or they don’t help your game, they’re FREE.

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Lisa Pringle

“I admit I was skeptical of the Performance cookie, as most all-natural prodcuts taste like your eating a chunk of styrafoam. These Golf Fuel Performance Cookies are great! I had to laugh the other day because I left one on the counter, and as I turned around my daughter Bella grabbed it and took a bite and then said, “Nice work on the cookies mom, when are you making another batch”. So, I will be ordering more as they are a hit in my household.” – Lisa Pringle

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